High demands are placed on a large screening bucket

The need for the design of this particular bucket stemmed from problems in the operation of a thermal power plant, which were largely related to the efficiency of material handling as well as the prevention of fault conditions. The primary purpose of the bucket would be to process the material fed into the thermal plant into a form that would ensure the plant’s optimal operation in all situations.

It was clear that the bucket would be expected to have a high capacity and operational capability, but also tireless crushing efficiency within a very specific application, setting the bar high right from the start. The schedule for implementation was also set to be extremely tight. However, we accepted the challenge with courage, as we love to solve problems and offer suitable solutions.

The Screening Bucket is really big. Arto, CEO of Vipermetal, poses proudly inside the bucket

The uniform quality of the material being fed is key in solving problems

The starting point for our development work was the challenges faced by the thermal power plant, especially in the uneven quality of the material being processed, with the clearest detail related to problems arising from system blockages. Therefore, at the center of our design was to create a solution that would homogenize the material fed into the thermal plant in such a way that it would no longer cause similar problems in the future.

The material handled at the thermal plant would consist of wood chips, bark, and other similar biomaterials, which, especially in cold conditions, form large frozen clumps that could inconveniently block the plant’s systems. System blockage, in turn, causes interruptions to the plant’s operations, and clearing them can, at worst, take a significant amount of time and incur costs. This is particularly true if the blockage has occurred in a difficult-to-access or dangerous location within the plant.

For these reasons, it’s easy to understand why the quality of the material being fed into the plant should be such that it’s always preferable to prevent potential problems rather than to start addressing them only after they have occurred. Now, all that’s missing is the solution.

When considering a very specific use case, the screening  bucket must be designed in such a way that its efficiency is assuredly optimal

Since operational reliability and efficiency are at the core of the thermal power plant’s operation, the designed bucket should also meet the requirements set for it to process the uneven material flow into the desired form. The bucket should be large, efficient, and also capable of light crushing.

We used the frame base of the VPH 4-2300 model as the foundation for our design, on which we began to work on changes and details according to the customer’s requirements. In simplified terms, the bucket gained more size, but its structure and moving parts were also modified to suit the intended use.

To grind oversized and hard particles, the bucket was equipped with special crushing rotors, which would ensure the material’s efficient processing into the desired end result without unnecessary waste of time. The design of the frame and blades also prevents clumps from overflowing over the blades.

The blade packs of the bucket, which are subjected to heavy stress, were equipped with replaceable wear tips, making it as easy and quick as possible to maintain the bucket and preserve its operational capability. This solution also offers versatile possibilities for the use of the bucket far into the future, should the original purpose ever change.

The bucket’s body was constructed using high-quality wear-resistant steel and tough fine-grain steel grades, with which we can guarantee the bucket a light and surely durable structure. At the same time, the whole received a wear and service life-extending surface treatment according to the customer’s wishes.

In this particular case, the bucket would be used with a Volvo L-180 loader, so we also installed a Volvo ISO coupler corresponding to this type of machine. Since the bucket is made specifically for this application, this model is not by default possible to use with an excavator. However, if needed, we can also manufacture a similar bucket with an excavator coupler, allowing it to be used with excavators in the usual manner, like other Vipermetal screening buckets.

The bucket was designed specifically for loader use, but on special order, we can also make it suitable for an excavator

From the design table to the customer’s use in just seven weeks

The project related to the implementation of this screening bucket lasted a total of 7 weeks, which included designing the product from scratch to sending the finished product to the customer. Although the schedule was challenging, we succeeded in this project beyond expectations and are proud of the work we have done.

Even though the implementation of the project had its own challenges and high demands, we completed it successfully. The bucket is probably right now doing exactly what we designed it for. The customer has also been extremely satisfied with the product and this, if anything, is a great honor for us.

This project was not only proof of our technical expertise but also of our commitment to the customer’s needs and our desire to exceed their expectations.

Ask more about our custom screening buckets

If you would like to learn more about this particular model or if you have a need for solutions related to your own use case, please feel free to contact us. Collaborating with Vipermetal takes you one step closer to success.

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