Advanced Solutions for Material Handling

Our core aim is to lead the industry and consistently develop the best possible solutions in the market. We are unwaveringly committed to high quality and durability in all our manufacturing processes. Only top-grade steel is used in the production of our products, ensuring their longevity and outstanding performance even in demanding conditions. We also invest in continuous research and development to ensure that our solutions remain up-to-date and effectively meet our customers’ needs.

Rooted in Genuine Interest in Technology

Ajutech Oy’s roots trace back decades, when the company’s founder, Arto Ulvo, began designing products initially to meet his own rural needs. As functional solutions began to emerge, business operations naturally followed, especially when the developed products piqued the interest of outsiders.

The company has always been guided by a genuine interest in technology and machinery, a passion that remains deeply ingrained. At the core is the idea that every problem presents an opportunity to solve it. We don’t want to stand still but continuously aim to evolve alongside the surrounding world.

Passionate product development, aligned with the course of progress, has ultimately led to Vipermetal’s growth into one of the industry’s most renowned brands. Years of experience and a genuine drive for advancement have helped us design a product range that stands out internationally.

Our products have also received significant positive reception in the market, and this favorable feedback has always been the greatest reward for us as a company.

Product development

Product development is an essential part of our operations, and we strongly invest in understanding our customers to discover new solutions. Our research and development department is dedicated to creating products that meet the diverse needs of our customers across various industries and applications.

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Production facility

We currently operate two separate and fully modernized production facilities where all manufacturing processes for our products and outbound logistics take place under the watchful eye of our skilled staff.

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Product testing

Own test areas provide us with the opportunity to conduct diverse and realistic tests. In these testing grounds, we can simulate various usage environments and conditions to ensure the performance and durability of our products in different work tasks.

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Internationality is our primary goal, and we aim to expand our presence in various markets. While we take pride in our domestic production and eagerly serve local customers, the majority of our products are geared towards exports.

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Vipermetal Values: Quality, Innovation, and Collaboration


One of the core values at Vipermetal is quality, a principle that permeates everything we do, from product development to production and customer service. We continually invest in quality assurance and the advancement of our products to offer our customers the best solutions possible. Quality is crucial to us, encompassing the functionality and durability of our products, the well-being of our workforce, and the level of service we provide to our customers.


Vipermetal is an immensely innovative company, constantly striving to develop new and better solutions for material handling. We value creativity, courage, and curiosity, integral components of our innovation process. By leveraging customer insights and actively listening to their needs, we create products that cater specifically to them. Innovation enables us to stay competitive and uncover new opportunities in the market.


The success of Vipermetal relies on strong collaboration. We work closely, internally among our staff and externally with customers, partners, and resellers. We value open and trustful communication and the sharing of knowledge. Through collaboration, we achieve better results and provide improved services to our customers. We believe in the power of collaboration within our organization and across our entire network.

These values—quality, innovation, and collaboration—guide our daily operations, helping us build sustainable success. They form the foundation of Vipermetal’s business, steering us towards future challenges and opportunities.


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