Screening Bucket

Vipermetal’s screening buckets are durable and high-quality tools. Our products are designed for versatile and efficient screening of soil, peat, and other aggregates, as well as for light crushing.

Each screening bucket is entirely manufactured in Finland using the finest wear-resistant steel grades and quality components. This ensures the durability and high-quality, versatile usability of our products.

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Crushing Bucket

Vipermetal’s Crushing Buckets are designed for highly efficient crushing in various environments. It is capable of processing concrete, bricks, hard asphalt, and even resilient materials like wood and mixed aggregates.

These crushing buckets are also excellent for handling fine and elastic materials without issues of clogging.

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Forest Planting Bucket

The forest planting bucket is specifically designed for forest floor regeneration and forestry needs. The equipment has been developed in collaboration with industry professionals to best meet the demands and requirements of the forestry sector.

The forest planting bucket offers numerous advantages to forestry professionals. It makes forest regeneration and management more convenient and efficient. The equipment is engineered to be durable and reliable, ensuring its endurance in demanding conditions and long-term use.

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Waste Baler

The waste baler is primarily designed for compacting household waste, offering a fully automated solution. The machine autonomously creates rectangular bales wrapped in plastic, making them easy to utilize in various recycling methods and processes.

Using the waste baler is effortless and straightforward. It can be easily relocated from one place to another with minimal notice, allowing continuous work across different sites.

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