In the field of Earthworks, various materials are handled, such as soil, rocks, gravel, sand, and other natural resources. These materials can vary significantly in quality, size, and weight, requiring different machines and equipment for their handling.

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Construction and demolition

Dismantling a building is a process in which an old structure is taken apart and its components removed. During the dismantling process, various materials such as concrete, bricks, glass, metal, and wood are handled.

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Material handling and screening are important parts of agricultural activities. They are used for various purposes, such as soil preparation and fertilization. Common materials include manure, compost, soil, sand, stone, and gravel.

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Mining and process industry

In the mining and process industry, a wide variety of materials are processed, including minerals, fertilizers, sand, limestone, and kaolin. Processing methods encompass a broad range of processes that are crucial in refining these materials.

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Forest industry and forestry

The handling of materials in the forest industry and forest management is an essential part of sustainable forestry. Screening, crushing, and other processing methods are crucial both in refining raw materials and in waste management. The materials handled range from logging residues to wood pulp and industrial by-products.

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Industrial applications

In the industrial field, the handling and processing of various materials are crucial in numerous applications, ranging from the construction industry to earthworks and waste management to the energy sector

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