Composting offers an effective means to harness natural materials and generate nutrient-rich soil

At the heart of this process lie screening, aeration, and mixing – these elements shape the quality of the end product and significantly influence the overall efficiency of the composting process.

Screening is a crucial stage where coarse elements are separated from the compost. Through screening, larger impurities like branches or stones are removed, resulting in finer and more uniform compost. Selecting the appropriate screen size is pivotal for effective processing and high-quality output.

Aeration refers to ensuring oxygen supply within the compost. Insufficient aeration can create oxygen-deprived zones within the compost, slowing down decomposition and potentially causing unpleasant odors. Regularly aerating the compost, for instance by turning it or using aeration systems, ensures optimal decomposition.

Mixing is an essential phase in composting. By uniformly mixing the compost, it ensures even decomposition of materials and adequate exposure to air and moisture. Proper mixing ensures that the composting process progresses optimally, yielding high-quality compost.

Harmonizing these three stages is pivotal for effective composting. Carefully planned and executed screening, aeration, and mixing lay the foundation for high-quality compost, serving various purposes as a soil amendment.

Solutions for compost handling

Vipermetal highly recommends these products specifically for compost handling

VPH 2-1500

Excavators: 8000-10000
Wheel loaders: 4000-7000

VPH 2-1500 is a popular screening bucket model designed especially for skid steer loaders and small excavators. This versatile screening bucket is excellent for screening and processing various types of materials.

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VPH 3-1500

Excavators: 10000-15000
Wheel loaders: 7000-10000

VPH 3-1500 is a versatile high-quality screening bucket model that is suitable for various screening, processing, and also light crushing of different materials.

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VPH 4-1500

Excavators: 14000-21000
Wheel loaders: 9000-15000

VPH 4-1500 is a classic in the Viper line. It’s suitable for a wide range of machine sizes, from loaders to excavators. Available in a broad spectrum of optimized versions for fine screening, aeration, mixing, and light crushing.

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VPH 3-1700

Excavators: 22000-30000
Wheel loaders: 12000-16000

VPH 3-1700 is a robust and powerful screening bucket model favored by professionals. The model also offers versatile versions for fine screening, coarse screening, and even crushing.

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VPH 4-1700

Excavators: 24000-35000
Wheel loaders: 14000-20000

VPH 4-1700 is the big brother of the 3-1700 screening bucket model with four horizontal rotors for larger machine sizes. There are also several customized versions available for screening and crushing based on specific use cases.

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VPH 3-2300

Excavators: 28000-35000
Wheel loaders: 18000-25000

VPH 3-2300 is a high-capacity screening bucket for wheel loaders and excavators. Its versatile applications include widely used screening and mixing of materials such as peat, aggregates, and biomaterials.

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VPH 4-2300

Excavators: 32000-45000
Wheel loaders: 21000-30000

VPH 4-2300 is the flagship of the Viper screening bucket range. A powerful, high-capacity screening bucket designed for screening large volumes. With additional sides, the bucket volume can reach up to 5600

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VPV 4-1100

Excavators: 14000-22000

VPV 4-1100 is a classic in the Vipermetal screening bucket range. This vertical drum model designed for excavators is an efficient and robust screening bucket for demanding use.

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VPV 5-1350

Excavators: 20000-28000
Wheel loaders: 12000-16000

VPV 5-1350 is a vertical drum high-capacity screening bucket for various uses. Screening and crushing of aggregates are efficient with this bucket, favored by professionals.

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