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Our Services and Solutions

Services and Solutions

Our service range ensures comprehensive support for your material handling needs. Whether you’re seeking new equipment, require product guidance, or need replacement machinery, we are here to assist you.

Sales and resale

Our sales and product team will assist you in selecting the right products and provide expert guidance when needed. We understand that each customer is unique, and needs may vary. Therefore, we offer tailored solutions that meet your specific business requirements.

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Dealers for Vipermetal products

We have successfully partnered with leading distributors who share our vision for quality and service, ensuring that our customers receive the best support and access to our products wherever they are.

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Exchange machines

Are you searching for high-quality, used screening buckets or other trade-in equipment? You'll find a wide selection of used screening buckets and various other trade-in machines for different purposes. We also accept certain models as part of an exchange.

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Our history

Roots in a genuine interest in technology and machinery

The company has always been guided by a genuine interest in technology and machinery, and this passion remains deeply ingrained. At the heart of everything lies the belief that every problem also presents an opportunity for resolution. We refuse to stand still; instead, we constantly strive to evolve in tandem with the changing world around us.

Years of experience in product development

It's important for us to lead the industry and develop the best possible solutions for the market. The core idea revolves around our products bringing real added value to the work process.

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In-house production at the core of manufacturing and quality control

Our in-house production facility enables seamless product development and manufacturing continuity, ensuring smooth internal communication without potential misunderstandings or compromises in quality.

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Product testing ensures functionality and reliability

Our own testing grounds provide us with the opportunity to conduct diverse and realistic tests. Within these testing areas, we can simulate various operating environments and conditions, ensuring the performance and durability of our products across different tasks.

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Efficiency in its own class

Vipermetal products are renowned for their exceptional efficiency, setting them apart in the market. Their design and manufacturing prioritize cutting-edge technology and innovations, ensuring you get the best possible outcome.


Preferred by real professionals

The versatile features and customization options of Vipermetal products ensure they perfectly suit various tasks and work environments. When you choose a Vipermetal screening bucket, you can trust it as the professional's choice.


Utilizing the finest steel grades

Vipermetal prioritizes quality and durability throughout its manufacturing process. Only the finest steel grades are used in crafting our products, ensuring their longevity and resilience even in demanding conditions.

Embracing internationality while heading towards bigger challenges

Although we take pride in our domestic production and eagerly serve customers in our vicinity, the majority of our products are oriented towards export. Our network of resellers is broad and dependable, encompassing operators across almost every continent. Presently, our products are sold in over twenty countries, a number that continues to grow. While our major export destinations are EU countries and North America, we see significant growth potential elsewhere. Feel free to reach out if interested in becoming a reseller.

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The largest Screening Bucket we have ever made was manufactured in just seven weeks

At the customer’s request, we created a screening bucket like we have never manufactured or even seen in real life before. The bucket’s volume ultimately reached an impressive 7 m³, making it a unique tool. In this article, we will tell you a little more about the work related to the implementation of the bucket.

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Snow and Ice Screening at Nallikari Winter Village

Workers at Nallikari Winter Village have adopted the use of the Vipermetal screening bucket for snow and ice screening, which has proven to be an excellent solution in the manufacturing of snowy element blocks.

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The use of a screening bucket in soil stabilization brings efficiency to civil engineering projects

Soil stabilization is one of the key components of civil engineering projects, and its effects extend far beyond the project’s lifecycle.

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Vipermetal VPCH 21 Crushing Bucket Demonstrates the High Efficiency

T. Mäkelä Oy, a Finnish contractor based in Jyväskylä, got a demolition contract to tear down a four floor concrete block building in Central Finland. The schedule was tight as well as contract amount was challenging.

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What is Vipermetal?

Welcome to the read Vipermetal blog. A long-tgought level idea has finally been put into words. This blog aims in telling you more about who we are and what we do.

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