Technical Specifications

Bale size

  • Height: 1100
  • Width: 1250
  • Depth: 1150

Bale weight

  • Household waste,: 950-1300


  • Waste per hour: 12000-25000 /h

Baler dimensions

  • Baler lenght: 6000
  • Feeder length : 6000
  • Baler total length: 10500
  • Baler total width: 5600

Baler total weight

  • Baler total weight without trailer: 14000


  • Unique solution for compacting household waste
  • Fully automated operation
  • The machine creates a rectangular bale wrapped in plastic
  • Bale shape and weight optimized for transportation and storage
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Can be easily moved from one place to another

By choosing the Vipermetal waste baler, you gain access to an efficient and reliable device that simplifies waste handling and improves operational efficiency.

Waste material baler for household waste

The waste baler is primarily designed for compacting household waste, providing a fully automated solution. The machine independently creates rectangular bales wrapped in plastic. It’s easy and convenient to use, allowing for easy relocation, even on short notice, enabling continuous work at various sites.

The waste baler has excellent capacity, capable of baling 15000-20000 of waste per hour, with each bale approximately 1.2. The finished bale’s shape and weight are optimized for road transport and long-term storage, making it a practical solution for waste handling.

There’s no comparable competitor on the market for this waste baler, combining the same top-tier features and advantages. Its versatility and automated operation make it a unique solution for compacting household waste


Watch the presentation video of the Waste Baler

Watch the video to see how the waste baler operates with real household waste. The baler can handle a large amount of waste, resulting in neatly packaged waste bales suitable for further processing or storage

Images of the Waste Baler

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