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Rantatöysäntie 306
Business ID: 2592970-5


Our skilled staff is ready to showcase our products and answer your inquiries. If you wish to delve deeper into our products or discuss collaboration opportunities, you are welcome to visit our office and production facilities.

CEO, Founder
Arto Ulvo
Puh. +358 400 911884

Marketing and Communications
Jenni Ulvo
Puh. +358 50 363 3993

Sales and Reselling
Arto Ulvo
Puh. +358 400 911884

A Functional Community as the Strength of our Operations

We have a close-knit and committed work community where each employee contributes to Vipermetal’s success. We value the input of every employee and ensure they feel appreciated and heard.

The well-being of our staff is of utmost importance. We ensure that each employee receives the deserved recognition for their work. Workloads are fairly distributed across all levels, starting from the management. This collaboration and support help foster a positive and healthy work atmosphere, promoting the high quality of our production.

We also invest in continuous development and training for our staff. We provide opportunities for professional growth, supporting the enhancement of our employees’ skills. This creates a motivated and skilled workforce capable of meeting customer needs and challenges.

The commitment and teamwork of our staff are crucial to Vipermetal’s success. We encourage open communication and sharing of ideas. Every voice matters, and our employees’ experiential knowledge and insights help us improve our products and practices.

Vipermetal’s staff forms a unified team constantly aiming to exceed expectations and grow together. This dedication and collaboration prepare us to face future challenges and achieve success both in international markets and domestically.

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