Efficient solutions for industrial material handling needs

Many industries employ various processing methods for the screening, crushing, and manufacturing of different products or raw materials.

Screening and crushing are pivotal processes across numerous industrial applications. For instance, screening and crushing of stone materials like concrete, asphalt, or rock are essential in construction and civil engineering projects. These processes help in producing high-quality material for road construction, building foundations, and other structures.

In handling wood, waste wood, or construction debris, screening and crushing are critical recycling processes that enable the reuse and utilization of materials. This promotes sustainable development by reducing waste and the need for natural resources.

In the field of energy production, crushing biomass like wood or other organic waste can be crucial in fuel production. This process creates efficient methods for generating renewable energy.

Through these processes, industries can manufacture high-quality products, reuse materials, and promote sustainable development by reducing environmental impacts. Screening and crushing are integral parts of numerous industrial applications that significantly influence various sectors and sustainable production.

Solutions for industrial applications

Vipermetal particularly recommends these products for material handling in various industrial applications

VPH 3-1500

Excavators: 10000-15000​​​
Wheel loaders: 7000-10000​

VPH 3-1500 is a versatile high-quality screening bucket model that is suitable for various screening, processing, and also light crushing of different materials.

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VPH 4-1500

Excavators: 14000-21000​​
Wheel loaders: 9000-15000

VPH 4-1500 is a classic in the Viper line. It’s suitable for a wide range of machine sizes, from loaders to excavators. Available in a broad spectrum of optimized versions for fine screening, aeration, mixing, and light crushing.

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VPH 3-1700

Excavators: 22000-30000​​
Wheel loaders: 12000-16000

VPH 3-1700 is a robust and powerful screening bucket model favored by professionals. The model also offers versatile versions for fine screening, coarse screening, and even crushing.

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VPH 4-1700

Excavators: 24000-35000​​
Wheel loaders: 14000-20000

VPH 4-1700 is the big brother of the 3-1700 screening bucket model with four horizontal rotors for larger machine sizes. There are also several customized versions available for screening and crushing based on specific use cases.

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VPH 3-2300

Excavators: 28000-35000​​
Wheel loaders: 18000-25000

VPH 3-2300 is a high-capacity screening bucket for wheel loaders and excavators. Its versatile applications include widely used screening and mixing of materials such as peat, aggregates, and biomaterials.

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VPH 4-2300

Excavators: 32000-45000​​
Wheel loaders: 21000-30000

VPH 4-2300 is the flagship of the Viper screening bucket range. A powerful, high-capacity screening bucket designed for screening large volumes. With additional sides, the bucket volume can reach up to 5600​

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VPV 4-1100

Excavators: 14000-22000​​

VPV 4-1100 is a classic in the Vipermetal screening bucket range. This vertical drum model designed for excavators is an efficient and robust screening bucket for demanding use.

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VPV 5-1350

Excavators: 20000-28000​​
Wheel loaders: 12000-16000​

VPV 5-1350 is a vertical drum high-capacity screening bucket for various uses. Screening and crushing of aggregates are efficient with this bucket, favored by professionals.

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Viper Crusher VPCH-21

Excavators 22000-32000​

VPCH-21 is a unique drum crusher bucket. Efficient in crushing demolition materials. Crushes effectively, including concrete, asphalt, and bricks without the risk of clogging.

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Nordic waste baler

Waste baler for compacting household waste

The waste baler is primarily developed for compacting household waste. This fully automated machine independently creates a rectangular-shaped bale wrapped in plastic.

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Viper Crusher VPCV-22

Excavators 28000-40000​​

VPCV-22 is a modern, dual-drum, non-clogging crushing bucket designed for larger excavators. It’s commonly used, particularly in demolition sites, for the versatile crushing of concrete, asphalt, and mixed materials.

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