Screening Bucket Accessories

Optimize work with screening bucket accessories

Vipermetal’s screening bucket accessories and supplies are systematically designed to enhance efficiency, versatility, and durability in diverse working conditions. These add-ons offer significant flexibility and adaptability in handling various materials while adding reliability and safety to operations

Screening Buckets Accessories

Extension kit for Screening Bucket

Screening efficiency-boosting and waste-reducing extension edges

Vipermetal screening buckets are available with screening efficiency-enhancing extension kit edges, allowing an increase of up to 20% in the amount of material managed by the mesh bucket at once.

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Mounting options of the screening bucket

Mounting options of screening buckets to excavators and loaders

Vipermetal’s screening buckets provide customers with the opportunity to choose the attachment solution that suits their needs. Our range includes all the most common mounting options for excavators and loaders, ensuring compatibility with various machines.

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Leak line/tank line compensator

For applications where tank line connection is not available

The tank line compensator is used in applications where there is no possibility to connect the tank line in the machine. With Vipermetal’s developed valve technology, the tank line can be safely left disconnected without causing damage to the device’s motors.

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Weld-on additional lip plate

Durability against wear for screening

The additional lip plate provides users with the opportunity to enhance the durability of the screening bucket and extend its lifespan. This is particularly valuable in situations where the mesh bucket is exposed to heavy wear or impact, such as handling icy or rocky materials.

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Bottom wear plates for Screening Bucket

Durability against wear for heavy use and extreme conditions

By using wear plates on the screening bucket, you increase its resistance to wear, thereby extending its lifespan. Wear plates may be necessary, especially when the bucket is frequently used or in conditions of high abrasion.

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Would you like more information about our screening buckets?

If you’re unsure about which screening bucket would be the best fit for your needs, feel free to contact us! We’re happy to provide further details about our products and assist you in finding the best possible solution for any situation. You can also inquire about financing options that allow you to evenly spread the costs associated with acquiring a new screening bucket, to be offset with the additional income it brings.

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