Screening buckets for all screening and light crushing

Vipermetal’s screening buckets are durable and high-quality tools. Our products are designed for versatile and efficient screening of soil, peat, and other aggregates, as well as light crushing.

Each of our screening buckets is entirely manufactured in Finland using the finest wear-resistant steel grades and quality components. This ensures their durability and efficient, user-friendly operation. You can rely on Vipermetal’s screening buckets to withstand rigorous use and deliver optimal performance.

Our developed screening buckets are engineered to endure demanding conditions, providing precise screening and efficient crushing. They stand as reliable tools to help you achieve the best results in material handling.

By choosing Vipermetal’s screening buckets, you get a high-quality and reliable solution for your needs. Whether it’s smaller projects or extensive professional requirements, you can trust the performance and durability of our screening buckets.

Quality for Professional Use

If you’re seeking a screening bucket that endures heavy use and truly enhances the efficiency of screening-related tasks, Vipermetal’s screening bucket stands as the top choice in the market.

  • Lightweight structure
  • Easy and quick to use
  • Top-notch durability
  • Wide product range
  • Versatile blade assortment
  • Compatible with excavators and wheel loaders
  • Cost-effective use
  • Easy to maintenance
  • Comprehensive warranty
  • Customizable for special orders
  • Made at our own factory in Finland


Screening Bucket Models

The range of screening buckets includes several models, tailored to meet the requirements of each machine platform and screening need.

VPH 2-700

Excavators: 3500-7000
Wheel loaders: 2000-3000

The Vipermetal 2-700 is the little giant of our screening bucket series. Perfectly suited for use with compact loaders and mini excavators, ideal for tasks like soil screening

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VPH 2-1500

Excavators: 8000-10000
Wheel loaders: 4000-7000

VPH 2-1500 is a popular screening bucket model designed especially for skid steer loaders and small excavators. This versatile screening bucket is excellent for screening and processing various types of materials.

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VPH 3-1500

Excavators: 10000-15000
Wheel loaders: 7000-10000

VPH 3-1500 is a versatile high-quality screening bucket model that is suitable for various screening, processing, and also light crushing of different materials.

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VPH 4-1500

Excavators: 14000-21000
Wheel loaders: 9000-15000

VPH 4-1500 is a classic in the Viper line. It’s suitable for a wide range of machine sizes, from loaders to excavators. Available in a broad spectrum of optimized versions for fine screening, aeration, mixing, and light crushing.

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VPH 3-1700

Excavators: 22000-30000
Wheel loaders: 12000-16000

VPH 3-1700 is a robust and powerful screening bucket model favored by professionals. The model also offers versatile versions for fine screening, coarse screening, and even crushing.

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VPH 4-1700

Excavators: 24000-35000
Wheel loaders: 14000-20000

VPH 4-1700 is the big brother of the 3-1700 screening bucket model with four horizontal rotors for larger machine sizes. There are also several customized versions available for screening and crushing based on specific use cases.

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VPH 3-2300

Excavators: 28000-35000
Wheel loaders: 18000-25000

VPH 3-2300 is a high-capacity screening bucket for wheel loaders and excavators. Its versatile applications include widely used screening and mixing of materials such as peat, aggregates, and biomaterials.

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VPH 4-2300

Excavators: 32000-45000
Wheel loaders: 21000-30000

VPH 4-2300 is the flagship of the Viper screening bucket range. A powerful, high-capacity screening bucket designed for screening large volumes. With additional sides, the bucket volume can reach up to 5600

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VPV 4-1100

Excavators: 14000-22000

VPV 4-1100 is a classic in the Vipermetal screening bucket range. This vertical drum model designed for excavators is an efficient and robust screening bucket for demanding use.

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VPV 5-1350

Excavators: 20000-28000
Wheel loaders: 12000-16000

VPV 5-1350 is a vertical drum high-capacity screening bucket for various uses. Screening and crushing of aggregates are efficient with this bucket, favored by professionals.

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VPH/VPV Custom

Customized screening bucket models

Vipermetal screening buckets can also be fully customized according to the specific features desired by the customer. As a result of the design work, a series of more specialized frame types have been developed, which can serve as a basis for creating new models.

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Watch the Presentation Video of Screening Buckets

Watch a brief introduction video of Vipermetal screening buckets. In this video, you’ll see how screening buckets can be used diversely for various purposes, such as screening soil, wood material, peat, and sand.


Images of Screening Buckets

In the Screening Buckets photo gallery, you will find a wide selection of photos that showcase Vipermetal Screening Buckets in various situations and work related to screening, including versatile earthworks projects, handling compost, soil and other biomaterials, and waste treatment.

Screening Bucket Base Machine, Blade Options, Accessories and Customization

Vipermetal Screening Bucket for Excavators, Wheel Loaders, Mini Excavators, or Other Types of Loaders According to Use

For Vipermetal, it’s of utmost importance that our Screening Buckets serve a wide range of machinery users. For this reason, we have implemented one of the market’s broadest selections of Screening Buckets, which respond versatilely to the needs of different construction sites. Our range includes specially designed Screening Buckets for excavators, wheel loaders, mini excavators, loaders, and many other types of machinery, adapting to different sizes and operational requirements.

When you choose a Vipermetal Screening Bucket, you can find the perfect match for your type of machinery and its operational environment requirements. It’s important to check and ensure that the Screening Bucket is compatible with your machine’s technical features and requirements, so you can utilize its full potential safely and efficiently. From us, you’ll find Screening Buckets designed to last and perform in even the most demanding conditions, offering precision and flexibility in various earthmoving and material handling tasks.

Blade Options for Screening Buckets – Optimize Screening Efficiency

Within our extensive range of blade models, you’ll always find the perfect shape for your needs. We offer versatile blade options that excel in various applications such as screening, light crushing, mixing, bio-aeration, and stabilization.

Each blade model is available in different spacings, precisely influencing the particle size of the screened material, ensuring accurate adjustment and an optimal outcome.

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Screening bucket can be customized and tailored entirely to meet your needs

We can equip the screening bucket with your preferred blade models, accessories, and features to perfectly align with your operational requirements. If necessary, we also make adjustments to the product’s structure and attachment methods based on your order.

Tailored to your specific preferences, we customize the screening bucket according to your special requests. We have the capabilities to accommodate unique needs and ensure that our screening buckets meet even the most specific customer requirements.

Vipermetal’s customized screening buckets provide a perfect fit and optimal performance. You can trust that you’ll receive a screening bucket that precisely meets your needs and enhances your operations.

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Accessories and Attachments for Screening Buckets

Vipermetal’s range of accessories and attachments are designed to enhance efficiency, versatility, and durability in various working conditions.

These additional components provide significant flexibility and adaptability in handling different materials while adding reliability and safety to the operations

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Get in touch with Vipermetal today! Allow us to guide you to the perfect screening bucket for your project, and explore customized solutions if required. Your success is our mission—let’s achieve it together.

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Why choose a Vipermetal screening bucket?

Our screening bucket is our passion and pride. Every detail is meticulously considered and designed to meet the demands of professional use. In developing our products, we’ve worked closely with industry professionals, valuing and integrating their valuable insights and experiences.

We also have our own testing area, allowing us to push our screening buckets to the extreme and evaluate their performance in situations they might not even encounter in regular use. This ensures the functionality and durability of our products in all kinds of conditions. We aim to provide nothing but the best for our customers.


Efficiency in its own class

Vipermetal's screening buckets are renowned for their exceptional efficiency, setting them apart in the market. Their design and production employ top-notch technology and innovations, ensuring the best possible screening efficiency and crushing results. Whether it's soil screening, peat handling, or screening other aggregates, Vipermetal screening buckets guarantee excellent performance and efficient operations


Preferred by professionals

Vipermetal screening buckets have solidified their position as the preferred tools among professionals. Their high-quality, reliable performance coupled with durability makes them ideal for professional use. Their versatile features and customization options ensure they are perfectly suited for various tasks and work environments. When you choose a Vipermetal screening bucket, you can trust that you're opting for the professional's choice


Manufactured in Finland using the finest steel

Vipermetal prioritizes quality and durability in its manufacturing process. Only the finest steel grades are used in the production of our screening buckets. These materials ensure the longevity and durability of our products even in demanding conditions. Finnish expertise and precise craftsmanship are evident in every screening bucket, so you can trust that you are getting a high-quality and long-lasting product.


Good resale value

Vipermetal's screening buckets maintain an excellent resale value. Their high quality, durability, and renowned efficiency make them sought-after products in the market. If you decide to upgrade or switch your screening bucket in the future, you can trust that Vipermetal's good resale value will ensure you get the best return on your investment.

What is a screening bucket used for?

The screening bucket is a versatile tool used extensively in various tasks. Most commonly, it’s utilized for screening soil, peat, bark, and biomaterials. Screening buckets are also suitable for backfilling excavations and crushing tasks.

The rotating screening blades of the screening bucket are crucial to achieving an efficient screening process without compromising quality. Using the screening bucket enables better recycling and reuse of materials, thereby contributing to an environmentally friendly approach to work.

The possibilities for using the screening bucket are highly diverse, allowing for the handling of various materials in many different job roles. While the screening bucket is commonly used for screening soil and organic materials, its utilization is only limited by imagination. The screening bucket is a versatile tool that offers an efficient and reliable solution for various screening needs.

Here’s some additional information on the primary applications of the screening bucket:

Soil Screening

Screening Soil with a Screening Bucket

High-quality soil is essential for the success of plants, providing an optimal growing medium and nutrients. Screening soil using a screening bucket enables precise filtration by removing stones, clumps, debris, and weeds from the soil. During screening, additives like peat or sand can be introduced to enhance the soil’s properties as needed. This customization allows the soil to be tailored for various purposes, such as landscaping, gardening, planting, and turf areas.

Screening soil with a screening bucket ensures that the soil used is clean and of high quality. It eliminates impurities, guaranteeing plants receive the optimal growing medium they need. The screening bucket is an efficient tool that enables precise screening of soil while allowing customization for different applications.


Peat Screening

Screening Peat with a Screening Bucket

Screening peat with a screening bucket is a crucial step in ensuring that the screened peat is uniform and suitable for further use. Effectively removing roots, stones, clumps, and debris with the screening bucket results in peat that is consistent in purity and quality. This facilitates easy and safe loading and transportation of the peat to its intended use.

The various blade options and spacing features of the Vipermetal screening bucket ensure efficient and reliable screening, producing precisely the desired type of peat for different purposes. Swift and thorough screening also lead to significant cost savings as productivity significantly increases.

Peat finds versatile use in various sectors such as heat energy production, agriculture as bedding and odor absorber, absorbents, composting, gardening, open-field cultivation as a growth medium, soil improver, oil spill control, landscaping, and green construction. Additionally, it is sometimes utilized as a primary ingredient in skincare products or peat baths. Screening peat with a screening bucket ensures efficient processing and guarantees a high-quality product for various applications.

Screening Bark and Other Biomaterials

Screening Bark and Other Biomaterials with a Screening Bucket

Screening bark and other biomaterials with a screening bucket is an essential step when aiming to efficiently and precisely separate the desired material from other components. The Vipermetal screening bucket enables the reliable and efficient screening of bark, straw, hay, and other biomaterials in various processes and applications.

The blade options and spacing features of the screening bucket allow for achieving the desired screening outcome, effectively distinguishing bark and other biomaterials from the rest of the material. The screening bucket’s rotation and rotating screening blades ensure efficient screening and optimal productivity.

Bark and other biomaterials are valuable raw materials across multiple industries. They can be utilized in bioenergy production, composting, soil improvement, animal feed manufacturing, and various industrial applications. Using a screening bucket for these biomaterials enables swift, reliable, and cost-effective screening, leading to enhanced productivity and superior end results.

Earthworks and Light Crushing

Earthworks and Light Crushing with Screening Bucket

Vipermetal screening buckets are an excellent choice for earthworks and light crushing tasks. In these applications, the screening bucket demonstrates its efficiency and reliability, offering versatile solutions for handling various materials.

In earthworks, the screening bucket enables swift and precise filling tasks. It allows for the transfer and spreading of soil masses, aggregates, and other materials accurately to desired locations. The efficient screening feature of the bucket removes harmful stones and debris from the soil, resulting in a uniform final product and reducing the need for post-processing.

Effortless handling of light crushing tasks is also facilitated by the Vipermetal screening bucket. The optimized screening blades of the bucket allow for the separation of fine materials from coarser elements. This capability is particularly useful in tasks such as concrete screening or recycling construction waste. The screening bucket ensures accurate screening and delivers high-quality crushing results.

For more demanding crushing tasks, Vipermetal crushing buckets offer even more efficient solutions. These buckets are specifically designed for crushing robust materials like stones and concrete. They are robust and durable, enabling efficient crushing work even in demanding conditions.

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The installation of the screening bucket

The installation and commissioning of the screening bucket require precision and careful attention. Before commissioning the screening bucket, it’s crucial to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the accompanying user manual and safety guidelines.

Prior to installing the screening bucket onto a new machine, ensure their compatibility. It’s important to verify that the lifting capacity of the host machine aligns with the technical specifications of the screening bucket. Additionally, the hydraulic system of the host machine must meet the requirements of the screening bucket’s features. Following installation, ensure that the quantity of hydraulic oil is adequate to achieve the necessary pressure.

Confirm the compatibility of the attachment points between the screening bucket and the host machine and securely join the mating parts. Once the screening bucket is connected and securely fastened, link the hydraulic system of the machine to the screening bucket. Simultaneously, it’s crucial to inspect the compatibility and condition of hoses and connectors. Clean and properly secured connectors are essential to ensure a tight connection.

After the screening bucket is in place, its operation must be thoroughly checked while adhering to safety instructions. It’s highly important to prevent pressures from exceeding maximum values. Additionally, it’s recommended to record flow rates and pressure values related to operations for future reference and troubleshooting purposes.

Correct installation and commissioning of the screening bucket ensure its safe and efficient operation. Diligent adherence and attentiveness during operation are key to achieving the best results.

Using a screening bucket

Using a screening bucket isn’t difficult if you’re already familiar with operating the base machine. Practices and fine-tuning related to the screening of various materials and aggregates are easy to grasp quickly. It’s always wise to apply common sense while using the screening bucket. Proper usage ensures successful work and a prolonged lifespan for the bucket, avoiding unnecessary maintenance and repairs.

Before starting actual work, always ensure the condition, maintenance, and safety aspects of the screening bucket. It’s also advisable to let the hydraulic oil warm up slightly before beginning actual usage. During operation, it’s essential to monitor that the power output remains at the level required for screening and that there are no disruptions in the screening bucket’s functioning.

When screening different materials, it’s crucial to consider their specific differences. Additionally, it’s important to note the effects of moisture on the material’s screening properties. Also, ensure the proper filling of the bucket—do not overfill it, as this might cause unprocessed material to spill over the edges, reducing the quality of screening.

While Vipermetal screening buckets are built to endure and filter various materials, it’s essential not to use the bucket for materials it’s not intended for. If the screening bucket is misused, causing the equipment to malfunction, we reserve the right to consider the broken product outside warranty terms.

After usage, clean the screening bucket from dirt and perform necessary maintenance. For long-term storage, choose a dry, clean area without direct sunlight and corrosive gases or elements that could damage the screening bucket.

We do not recommend self-made modifications to the functions or structure of Vipermetal screening buckets. If alterations lead to operational issues, the warranty may not cover resulting damages.

If you encounter any issues while using the screening bucket, feel free to contact us. We’re happy to assist our customers with queries and troubleshoot problems related to our products.

Be aware of the dangers and always prioritize workplace safety

When using a screening bucket, it’s crucial to ensure that no individuals are within the caution area, especially underneath the screening machine when it’s running. Diligent workplace safety should be each equipment operator’s personal responsibility, always striving to operate in a manner that doesn’t pose any harm or danger to themselves or bystanders. It’s essential to consider potential environmental factors and any other possible hazards associated with working with the screening bucket.

Things to consider when using the screening bucket:

  • Follow instructions and adhere to restrictions.
  • Comply with safety regulations.
  • Ensure communication and necessary actions in case of accidents, incidents, or fires.
  • Perform required inspection and maintenance procedures for the screening bucket.
  • Ensure an unobstructed environment for working with the screening bucket and the machine.
  • Consider potential environmental hazards, such as power lines, cliffs, water bodies, etc.
  • Check the suitability of connectors and attachments.
  • Provide adequate lighting when working in low-light or dark conditions

Additionally, do not entrust the screening bucket to an inexperienced user. Ensure proper guidance for the correct use of the screening bucket and the machine, and make sure that the individual can work with the screening bucket safely and effectively.



Frequently Asked Questions about Screening Buckets – Screening Bucket FAQ

What is a screening bucket?

A screening bucket is a hydraulic tool designed to be used, for example, with excavators. Its purpose is to screen and separate particles of different sizes from materials. It’s commonly utilized in construction and earthmoving tasks.

Where are screening buckets used?

Screening buckets are often used for screening and classifying soil, gravel, sand, and other materials. They are employed in various settings such as construction sites, mines, and for agricultural purposes.

What are the advantages of using a screening bucket?

The use of a screening bucket saves time and labor by enabling rapid material screening. Additionally, it can help reduce waste by separating reusable materials. Screening buckets are also widely employed to enhance material properties.

How is a screening bucket maintained?

Regular cleaning, inspection, and repairing any damages constitute screening bucket maintenance. Usage manuals and manufacturer recommendations serve as good sources for maintenance guidelines. If you have questions about maintaining Vipermetal screening buckets, feel free to contact us.

What does ISO/SAE (m³) mean?

ISO/SAE (m³) is a standard referring to the volume of a screening bucket, denoting its capacity in cubic meters, adhering to the definitions of ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers).

What does the screening area of a screening bucket mean?

The screening area of a screening bucket describes the space where the bucket efficiently sieves material. It depends on the bucket’s structure, mesh size, and other influencing factors. A larger screening area allows the handling and screening of a larger quantity of material at once.

What does the mesh size of a screening bucket mean?

The mesh size of a screening bucket refers to the distance between the blades in the bucket. The choice of mesh size affects the precision in sieving and separating particles by size and quality. A larger mesh size enables the passage of larger particles and higher capacity, while a smaller mesh size yields a finer screening result.

What does particle size mean?

Particle size refers to the size of particles in the material being screened. When selecting a screening bucket, it’s crucial to consider the particle size of the material to be screened because it affects how effectively the bucket sieves and separates particles of different sizes. The screening bucket should be suitable for sieving a specific particle size to achieve the desired screening result.

What is the capacity of a screening bucket?

The capacity of a screening bucket refers to how much material it can screen within a specific timeframe. The capacity varies based on the bucket’s operating principle, size, model, and the power of the machine.

How much do screening buckets cost?

The cost of a screening bucket varies depending on its size, quality, and manufacturer. Generally, prices range from a few thousand to tens of thousands of euros or US dollars.

What to consider when choosing a screening bucket?

There are several factors to consider when choosing a screening bucket, such as:

  • Properties of the material being screened: Consider the size, density, moisture, and other characteristics of the material being screened. For instance, different types of materials require different screening buckets. Understand how the material behaves during screening and what screening results are needed.
  • Intended purpose and requirements of the screened material: Determine why you are screening material and what kind of results are needed. For instance, in construction, there might be a need to screen and separate different sizes of aggregates according to certain standards. Understand the working environment and conditions, as well as the purpose of the screening, to choose a screening bucket that meets your needs.
  • Characteristics of the base machine: Take into account the lifting capacity of the base machine, the tipping load with a fully loaded bucket, hydraulic system characteristics, and other technical constraints. Ensure that the chosen screening bucket is compatible with the base machine and meets the lifting capacity and hydraulic system requirements.
  • Size and capacity of the screening bucket: Select a screening bucket that has an appropriate size and capacity for the working conditions. The screening bucket should be large enough to handle the amount of material being processed but should not be excessively large or heavy for the base machine’s performance.

If you have further questions regarding screening buckets, feel free to contact us. We are happy to provide additional information and guidance on selecting and using screening buckets!

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We also implement customized solutions according to your needs!

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