Crushing Buckets for versatile crushing

The Vipermetal Crushing Bucket range is designed for highly efficient stone crushing in various environments. It can process concrete, bricks, tough asphalt, and even resilient materials like wood and mixed debris. These buckets are also excellent for handling fine and elastic materials without clogging issues.

The high crushing capacity of the buckets is based on a patented slow-rotating drum motor, making Vipermetal Crushing Buckets an unparalleled solution. Their crushing capacity can reach up to 200000 per hour.

Our Crushing Buckets are widely used in quarry sites, construction sites, and mines. They are attached in place of the excavator bucket, enabling quick and efficient crushing of stones and other materials.

The blades of the Crushing Bucket are made of highly durable steel, allowing for continuous use in demanding conditions. They withstand stone crushing while enabling rapid and efficient execution of recycling.

The Crushing Bucket for Heavy-Duty Professional Use

By choosing a Vipermetal Crushing Bucket, you can trust that you’re getting the best solution on the market for your crushing and screening needs. It will meet your expectations in terms of efficiency, durability, and reliability, helping you achieve the best results in your work.

  • Less maintenance
  • Patented structure
  • Easy and quick to use
  • 21000 – 40000 machines
  • Maximum volume
  • Silent performance
  • High capacity
  • Cost effective
  • Light weight

Crushing Buckets

Choose a Crushing Bucket Based on Your Machine Type

Crushing buckets are available in two different size categories. Selecting the right crushing bucket depends on the machine being used and the material being crushed.

Crushing Bucket Series

Viper Crusher VPCH-21

Excavators 22000-32000

VPCH-21 is a unique drum crusher bucket. Efficient in crushing demolition materials. Crushes effectively, including concrete, asphalt, and bricks without the risk of clogging.

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Viper Crusher VPCV-22

Excavators 28000-40000

VPCV-22 is a modern, dual-drum, non-clogging crushing bucket designed for larger excavators. It’s commonly used, particularly in demolition sites, for the versatile crushing of concrete, asphalt, and mixed materials.

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Images of the Crushing Buckets


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Vipermetal crushing buckets are designed with decades of experience and solid craftsmanship. The crushing buckets are designed and manufactured entirely in Finland, using only the best wear-resistant steel grades and quality components.

Performance, durability, and versatility

Vipermetal crusher buckets offer top-notch performance, durability, and versatility

Vipermetal crusher buckets are reliable tools that streamline the crushing process and facilitate work in various environments for handling different materials. Choose a Vipermetal crusher bucket to have a dependable and efficient tool that meets the demands of high-level crushing work.

What is the crusher buckets used for?

The crushing bucket is widely used in various construction and demolition sites for crushing stones such as claystone, limestone, oil shale, and sandstone. It enables efficient and quick crushing and screening of various materials. Here are a few examples of crusher bucket applications:

  • Construction Sites: The crusher bucket is often used in construction sites where there’s a need for crushing and screening of aggregates. It facilitates crushing and recycling of hard construction materials like concrete, brick, asphalt, porcelain, glass, and others directly on-site.
  • Stone Crushing: The crusher bucket is an essential tool for crushing and screening soft aggregates. It saves time and effort by enabling immediate processing and utilization of the crushed stone.
  • Mines: In mining operations, the crusher bucket is utilized for crushing and screening ores and soft rock types. It helps separate desired minerals and elements from ores or rocks, which is crucial for mining profitability and efficiency.

The Vipermetal crushing bucket is a versatile tool providing an efficient and fast method to crush and screen various materials across multiple industries. It saves time, effort, and resources at job sites while enabling recycling and material utilization.

Vipermetal Crushing Bucket?

Why choose a Vipermetal crushing bucket?

By choosing a Vipermetal crushing bucket, you gain access to a top-tier crushing device that ensures efficiency, durability, and reliability on your worksite. It’s an investment that quickly pays off and aids in performing crushing tasks professionally and efficiently.



The Vipermetal crushing buckets are designed to deliver top-tier performance. Their patented slow-rotating drum motor and high crushing capacity enable an efficient and swift crushing process. You can rely on the Vipermetal crushing bucket to handle even the most demanding crushing tasks.



Vipermetal crushing buckets are suitable for crushing various materials such as concrete, brick, asphalt, wood, and mixed materials. They can handle fine and elastic materials without clogging, making them highly versatile and suitable for various job sites.



The blades and frame of Vipermetal crushing buckets are made from highly durable steel, ensuring their longevity and resilience even in tough conditions. They withstand continuous use and crushing of stones without significant wear or damage.



Vipermetal is a respected and well-known brand that has established its position in the market. Our crushing buckets are reliable, high-quality products designed to meet professional needs. You can trust that the Vipermetal crushing bucket will perform its tasks reliably and efficiently.

Would you like more information about our crushing buckets?

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