Optimize screening efficiency with screening bucket blade options

Within our extensive range of blade models, you’ll always find the perfect shape for your needs. We offer versatile blade options that excel in various applications such as screening, light crushing, mixing, bio-aeration, and stabilization.

Each blade model is available in different spacings, precisely influencing the particle size of the screened material, ensuring accurate adjustment and an optimal outcome.

Rest assured, you’ll find the perfect blade solution with us. If you’d like more information about how our blade options function and their features, feel free to reach out to us


  • Blade options for various purposes
  • Versatile range of blades
  • Blade models available in different spacings
  • Blade spacing influences the particle size of the screened material
  • Changing blade models can be done by yourself
  • Manufactured from high-quality materials
  • Exceptional durability against wear
  • Ease of maintenance



Blade series

Standard Series

Blade design for screening

The Standard Series is a universally applicable standard blade design, which is also the most commonly used blade model in Vipermetal screening buckets. It’s excellent for screening materials such as soil, lime, peat, and others.

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Screening and light crushing

2SC is a lightly crushing blade for applications where, alongside screening, there’s a desire for gentle crushing of soft materials. An equivalent blade option enables a wide range of material sizing, allowing for precise output size in screening-crushing, and homogenizing the material distribution.

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Blade design for screening and light crushing

4SC is a more aggressive crushing blade than 2SC, designed for soft materials like compacted ones. An equivalent blade option allows for a wide range of material sizing, ensuring precise output size in crushing by homogenizing the material distribution.

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BigBlock (Welded)

For stabilization and mixing

BigBlock is a blade option for screening buckets, excellently suited for material stabilization and mixing. The large blocks efficiently transfer and partially crush materials with high-capacity

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BoltBlock (Bolted)

For crushing medium-hard materials

Bolt Block is a blade option for screening buckets, suitable for efficient crushing of medium-hard materials such as asphalt, bricks, construction waste, and compost

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PU Rubber

For screening soft materials

PU Rubber is a blade option for screening buckets primarily designed for efficient screening of soil and soft materials. Using polyurethane as the blade material achieves significant lightweight, potentially allowing for a larger bucket volume compared to a similar application with steel discs.

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For crushing and refining

CrushMix is a blade option for screening buckets, developed with a customer-centric approach for medium to heavy crushing and refining

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Fine Screen Grid

System for screening and light crushing

Fine Screen Grid is a unique option when versatility is desired from the bucket. Unlike traditional options, this choice allows the bucket to be equipped with multiple particle size applications, which can be easily changed even on-site.

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Blade options pre-installed or available for retrofit

When acquiring a new screening bucket, we install your preferred blade models directly onto the bucket. Additionally, we offer effortless blade replacement and installation afterwards, should you wish to upgrade your existing screening bucket. It’s important to us that you can make the most out of your bucket, which is why we’re ready to address any questions you may have regarding blade options

Would you like more information about our screening buckets?

If you’re unsure about which screening bucket would be the best fit for your needs, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’d be happy to provide further details about our products and assist you in finding the best possible solution for any situation. You can also inquire about financing options that allow you to evenly spread the costs associated with acquiring a new screening bucket, to be offset with the additional income it brings.

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