Technical Specifications

Base machine

  • Recommended Excavator Size: 10000-16000​​

Flow Rate

  • Recommended Oil Flow: 40-70​ /min


  • Recommended Oil Pressure: 200


  • ISO/SAE: 0.25​​


  • Height: 1050
  • Width: 1250
  • Depth: 1400​​


  • Weight without additional accessories: 390

The forest planting bucket handles a variety of tasks

  • Clean the forest
  • Seeding surface
  • Cover the seeds with screening
  • Digging the trench
  • Other small screening work

By utilizing the seeding method, the forest planting bucket allows precise seed placement, especially when the base machine is connected to a GPS system. This accuracy ensures that the seeds are positioned ideally for growth and development.

Forest Planting Bucket – An Efficient Tool for Forest Restoration

The forest planting bucket is specifically designed for forest floor regeneration and forestry needs. This equipment has been developed in collaboration with industry professionals to best meet the demands and requirements of the forestry sector.

During seeding, the seeds are covered with a thin layer of soil, approximately one centimeter thick. This covering improves the seeds’ water balance and significantly enhances their germination. Additionally, this cover protects the seeds from seed-eating animals. Experiments have shown that covering seeds during planting can even double the rate of seedling emergence. This makes the use of the forest planting bucket extremely cost-effective, as seeds are not wasted.

The forest planting bucket offers numerous advantages to forestry professionals. It simplifies and enhances the efficiency of forest regeneration and management. The equipment is designed to be durable and reliable, capable of withstanding demanding conditions and prolonged use.

Acquire the forest planting bucket and utilize its versatile features in forest floor regeneration. Developed in collaboration with forestry professionals, this equipment provides a reliable and efficient tool to meet forestry management needs.


Watch the forest planting bucket video

Watch the video to see how the forest planting bucket works in real situations. With the bucket, you can open up the soil for planting, simultaneously sow the seeds at the right depth, and level the ground for optimal growth.

Images of the Forest Planting Bucket

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