Material handling and screening for agricultural needs

Manure processing often involves screening devices that separate solid and liquid components, enhancing the quality of manure while reducing its odor and environmental impact. Compost handling frequently employs crushing equipment to break down raw materials before composting, accelerating the composting process and improving the quality of the final product.

Soil restoration often utilizes screening devices to separate soil components into different sizes, improving soil structure and nutrient distribution, thereby enhancing plant growth and yield. Screening and crushing equipment are commonly used in the sorting of sand, stone, and gravel, segregating these materials based on their different sizes.

In summary, material handling and screening are vital agricultural functions that enhance soil quality, reduce environmental impact, and produce high-quality fertilizers and materials for various purposes.

Solutions for agriculture

Vipermetal specifically recommends these products for material handling in the agricultural sector

The product range offers solutions for agricultural needs

VPH 2-700

Excavators: 3500-7000​
Wheel loaders: 2000-3000​​

The Vipermetal 2-700 is the little giant of our screening bucket series. Perfectly suited for use with compact loaders and mini excavators, ideal for tasks like soil screening

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VPH 2-1500

Excavators: 8000-10000​​
Wheel loaders: 4000-7000

VPH 2-1500 is a popular screening bucket model designed especially for skid steer loaders and small excavators. This versatile screening bucket is excellent for screening and processing various types of materials.

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VPH 3-1500

Excavators: 10000-15000​​​
Wheel loaders: 7000-10000​

VPH 3-1500 is a versatile high-quality screening bucket model that is suitable for various screening, processing, and also light crushing of different materials.

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VPH 4-1500

Excavators: 14000-21000​​
Wheel loaders: 9000-15000

VPH 4-1500 is a classic in the Viper line. It’s suitable for a wide range of machine sizes, from loaders to excavators. Available in a broad spectrum of optimized versions for fine screening, aeration, mixing, and light crushing.

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VPH 3-1700

Excavators: 22000-30000​​
Wheel loaders: 12000-16000

VPH 3-1700 is a robust and powerful screening bucket model favored by professionals. The model also offers versatile versions for fine screening, coarse screening, and even crushing.

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