Solutions for the needs of the forest industry and forestry

Key equipment and tools essential for the forest industry and forestry play a crucial role in the processing and utilization of raw materials. These tools serve various purposes, including forest regeneration and efficient resource utilization. Common materials handled include wood pulp, logging residues, young saplings, and other forest waste.

Screening and crushing buckets are vital in the forest industry, enabling precise screening and crushing of wood and other materials for various purposes. This promotes the efficient utilization of resources, whether it’s for raw material production or waste stream management.

Forest regeneration and management are integral parts of sustainable forestry. Planting buckets enables precise planting of saplings and seeds in the soil. Through these buckets, forest regeneration becomes efficient, facilitating the creation of diverse forest areas in various terrain and climatic conditions.

Solutions for the needs of the forest industry and forestry

Vipermetal particularly recommends these products for the needs of the forest industry and forestry

VPH 3-1700

Excavators: 22000-30000
Wheel loaders: 12000-16000

VPH 3-1700 is a robust and powerful screening bucket model favored by professionals. The model also offers versatile versions for fine screening, coarse screening, and even crushing.

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VPH 4-1700

Excavators: 24000-35000
Wheel loaders: 14000-20000

VPH 4-1700 is the big brother of the 3-1700 screening bucket model with four horizontal rotors for larger machine sizes. There are also several customized versions available for screening and crushing based on specific use cases.

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Forest planting bucket

Multipurpose bucket for forest forestry

The forest planting bucket has been developed for forest floor regeneration. The goal of the design was to create a versatile tool for forest management. The equipment has been developed in collaboration with forestry professionals.

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