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Waste material baler for household waste

Nordic Baler is primarily developed for baling household waste material. Fully automised prosecc creates wrapped bale independently since the material is loaded into the balers hopper. Finished bale shape and weight is optimised for road transportation as well as long term storaging. Maintenance check and diagnostics and program set up is possible to accomplish wireless trough internet.

Simple - versatile - efficient

Nordic Baler Information

Bale size (mm)  1250x1100x1150 (WxHxD)
Bale weight (household waste, kg)  950-1300 
Throughput (T/h)  15-25 
Baler length (mm)  6000 
Feeder length (mm)  6000 
Baler total length (mm)  10 500 
Baler total width (mm)  5600 
Baler total weght (without trailer, kg)  14 000 

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